Personal Tasks – Virtual Personal Assistant

The hectic schedule of people often makes it difficult for them to keep a track of personal and business appointments and tasks. This can be easily resolved by allowing our virtual personal assistants to fix by our assistants to do it for managing them. Some of the major areas in which we offer services include:-

  • Travel Management

  • Schedule an Appointment

  • Hotel Reservation

  • Calendar Management

Benefits of hiring a personal assistant

Once you hire virtual personal assistant it will be easy for you to handle quick, one-off assignments such as appointment setting, travel planning, online research and other types of administrative jobs. At Virtual Assistant, we offer this as a monthly subscription service which includes a number of requests. With the help of these assistants, it will be easy for you to plan a business trip or a holiday, schedule an appointment with a business associate and manage your calendar in an effective manner.

Our primary goal is to let our clients maintain and boost their productivity and reliability. We offer a wide range of services such as web research, standard admin staff and a wide range of one-time jobs. Many clients across different domains are dependent on us for travel planning, transcription, social media management, data entry jobs etc.

What’s our USP?

We have a high level of flexibility in process outsourcing and recurring tasks which many personal virtual assistant services providers cannot handle. AbroadAssistant offers some investments in their back-end dashboard which enables them to offer a better quality of customer service. For example, you can prioritize two tasks in a day, while flagging them as important and jumping over the rest which are in a queue.

In addition, users can maintain their own account profile using your own instructions and preferences. Therefore, there is no need for explanation each time you need to use your profile.

It is difficult for individuals to handle different types of personal and business appointments. The virtual personal assistants of AbroadAssistant can help individuals to handle a wide range of personal tasks such as scheduling of appointments, hotel reservation, calendar management and travel management.